Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Backround

Rock’n’Roll and Boogie Woogie give their own megaphone to the youth in the 50s. Hairstyles with a Flat, a forwards piled up hair quiff, and a fashion with petticoats, nylons, high heels, shepherd’s check pattern and Vichy-quares underline the attitude to life. Italy is discovered as a tourist country, mainly with the VW Beetle. James Dean and Elvis act as models. Germany’s Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, elected already in 1949, rises to the political leading figure. With him the years of the economic miracle descend middle of the 50s. They fill slowly but surely the purses. It becomes chic to furnish gracefully. Cocktail armchairs and kidney table may be absent in no sitting room when the Cold War begins. The Russians, from many countries apparently underestimated, shoot in 1957 the Sputnik in to the universe. The world splits up into East and West.

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    Tolle Möbel!!!