Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Backround

With A Little Peace singer Nicole takes the biscuit of the time and wins the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982. Citizen groups and great demonstrations mushroom up, while the Greens – quite legally – enter in the Bundestag. Popper and Punks characterize the street scene. Aerobics and AIDS rouse the people. The rapprochement between East and West is not to be detained any more. In 1989 even the Berlin Wall falls. The complex events get an easy to remember face by the construction of buildings, utensils and pieces of furniture. The Postmodernism conforms to rules of the lack of style. Even gothic and classicistic style elements are rediscovered. They interfere with a pinch of Las Vegas and Miami Vice. The most impossible materials are used for designed rooms. Creation does not raise the claim to be useful any more.