Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Backround

Andtradition, Denmark. Verner Panton Lighting and Lamps.

“Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential. This is Nordic tradition. And this is our heritage that we cherish and keep”, says &tradition (before Unique Copenhagen), who wants to combine handicraft with contemporary design.

The principles of quality are timeless. But the beauty of design and the methods of production will never stand still. The Danish company moves on to reshape, to redefine and to reinvent, utilizing and combining new materials and techniques.

The collection of &tradition covers design icons like the Flowerpot and Topan lamps of Verner Panton. At the same time the works of new talents are featured. The roots are always based in the Nordic tradition. “Tradition is still a part of our identity”, &tradition.