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The Barboy from VerPan, Design 1963 by Verner Panton. Cocktail carriage in black or white.

Year: 1963

Adaptable side table and closed container in one – the Barboy is a piece of furniture for many opportunities. Time of his life Verner Panton dealt with the harmony of form and function. Besides, mobility was an important aspect. Barboy bundles up all these aspects. Conceived as a round cocktail carriage for the shutoff, for example for drinks, his cylindrical form consists of four parts. These become smaller from above down. While in the lower container bottles find place, both smaller containers are reserved for objects like glasses. A round record concludes the side table upwards and serves at the same time as a shelf space. The roles right under the container make the Barboy mobile. In the original the table was made of bent layer wood and varnished white, black, red or violet. The production always laid in German hand. From 1963 to 1967 the company A. Sommer, under the brand Declina, manufactured the piece of furniture. Bisterfeld and Weiss was producer till about 1971. Until 2009 the production, only in the colours white or black, laid in the hands of vitra.


brilliantly varnished moulded plywood, metal


VerPan, Denmark


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