Panto Pop

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Furniture

Panto Pop lounge chair. Panto pop seat from VerPan, Design 1969 - 1970 by Verner Panton.

Year: 1969/70

Verner Panton, a specialist in multi-functional seating, developed in 1969 a lounge furniture series. It was manufactured in a small series of glass fiber strengthened Leguval, a polyester plastic, painted and presented at the Visiona 2 exhibition in Cologne in 1970 for the first time.

Verner Panton lounge furniture series was composed of four parts at that time: a table that could be either used as a stool, an extended recliner named ‘Pantoffel’ (German for ‘slipper’) and a chair in two heights. The latter was first produced in series under the name Panto Pop in 1999. The Danish furniture manufacturer Innovation Randers produced the chair slightly changed to the original. For one, he had only about 98 percent of extent, for another it was available in many different colours such as silver, gray, black, white, pink, orange, blue and transparent. Meanwhile, the technology was so far that thermoplastics could be dyed. Thus, in the production of the Panto Pop the elaborate painting disappeared. Secondly, in this way the chair became easier to clean and weather resistant, making it suitable for use in the garden and on the terrace.

This ability the Danish manufacturer Verpan perfected when he acquired the licensing rights for Panto-Pop by Verner Panton Design and redesigned it in 2012. In addition to an UV-stabilizer, that was mixed with the ASA-plastic, the seat got a hole in its centre. Through here water can escape downwards. A detail, which can drain away rainwater and is expected to facilitate cleaning work of Panto-Pop. The lounge chair was designed based on the original, but has a different, more modern level. Such as the Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames vitra, the manufacturer, changed the sizing of the original design from 1956, because the average height of the user increased. Nevertheless older semester may not be able to get up easily due to the seat depth. Panto Pop is stackable and suitable as a single seat or living room suite. In the colours white, yellow and red Panto Pop can be tailored to the particular ambience.


thermoplastic (plastic)


Horacher (Switzerland), Innovation Randers, VerPan, Denmark