Panton Chair Classic

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Furniture

Panton Chair Classic from vitra, Design 1958 - 1967 by Verner Panton.

Year: 1958-1967

The Panton Chair Classic, the icon of chair design, is probably the best known furniture draught of Verner Panton. The idea of a free-swinging chair, made in one piece, revolutionised the furniture design in the 20th century. On the advertising to a furniture competition of the company of WK -Furniture in 1956 the Dane dealt for the first time with this seat opportunity. Eleven other years should pass, until the Panton Chair Classic could be presented in August, 1967 to the public. Willi Fehlbaum, at that time boss of vitra, wanted to built the piece of furniture. Seven years before Verner Panton had moved to Basel to make the prototype of the chair fit for serial production. While vitra first produced the chair for Herman Miller (Herman Miller-panton chair), Vitra took over the distribution (vitra-Panton Chair), as well, from 1970. Four versions out of four different plastics characterized the manufacturing since then. While the Panton Chair Classic, made from hard foam and is varnished untill today, the plastic for the panton chair could be dyed after 1971. vitra produces the chair which was not produced between 1979-1983, with an interruption of seven years till today. In 1983-1990 there operated Horn, by order of the WK-Group, as manufacturer. The manufacturing method has also remained classically, by the way. Who acquires a Panton Chair Classic today, receives the curved form of the first hour.


plastic bowl from hard foam, brilliantly varnished surface in white, red or black


vitra., Switzerland