Panton Chair

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Furniture

Panton Chair from vitra, Design 1999 by Verner Panton.

Year: 1999

Since his introduction in 1967 the silhouette of the Panton Chair has revolutionised the chair market. A free-swinging seat, casted in one piece, was the idea, that animated Verner Panton since 1956. Almost eleven years later, in 1967, by cooperation with vitra his vision could come true. The Pantone Chair Classic was born. With a small interruption of four years (1979-1983) the original is made till this day. Caused by the technical progress in the plastic processing the Panton Chair, the last version of the chair authorised by Verner Panton originated in the end of the 90s. In contrast to the Classic this model is produced out of dyed polypropylene. The seat height is half a centimetre lower and the seat depth one centimetre deeper than at the Classic version. With it the Panton Chair is an attractive alternative for all those, which would like to take pleasure in timeless design for a lower budget. The wind- and weatherproof stackable chairs are suited excellently as garden and park seats. Since 2005 there is the Panton Junior, the miniature design of the Panton Chair for children from three years and older.


batch-dyed polypropylene, matt surface, colours: white, orange, black, red, grey-blue, green


vitra., Switzerland