Panton Junior

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Furniture

Panton Junior from vitra, Design 1958/1959 by Verner Panton.

Year: 1958/1959

Children faced the panton chair classic with their very own, open manner. They saw the seat not only as piece of furniture, but as a request to play with. The panton chair, an adventure playground – Designer Verner Panton liked this imagination. Hence, he had the idea to let a chair round about one quarter smaller be manufactuered for kids. The plan, which could not be moved according to vitra for economic reasons, became reality in 2005. There the PANTON JUNIOR on basis of the big type was realised. The miniature design of the original is available for children three years of age and over and in six colours.


batch-dyed polypropylene, matt surface, colours: white, orange, rose, red, light blue, green


vitra., Switzerland


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