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Partyset in white from VerPan, Designed in 1965 by Verner Panton.

Year: 1965

Multi-purpose furniture were a big issue in the late 1960s. Almost in the begining of this decade, designer Verner Panton was concentrated on developing the mobility of furniture. In addition to a series of movable furniture such as the Barboy or the Modular Furniture System Barboy Verner Panton designed the Partyset in 1965. As so often with Verner Panton the name gives information on the application. Consisting of six stackable parts, the Partyset can quickly be transformed in four stools, a table and a bardesk. Mounted on three wheels, this last piece is flexible to be moved and able to be used as a stool for a fifth person. Five of the six elements are padded with black leather seat cushions. The dimensions of each container is visible in the Verner Panton Shop. The August Sommer Geformtes Holz GmbH & Co. KG produced the Partyset under the private label Declina for two years. Subsequently Bisterfeld-und-Weiss manufactured the Partyset from 1967 to 1971. Exactly 40 years later, VerPan re-designed the Partyset in black or white. The Partyset for the 21st century exists of one stool less, that means a total of five (instead of the original six) elements.


body in bent plywood, laminated in black or white; leather seat upholstery


VerPan, Denmark


Partyset from VerPan available Verner Panton Shop.