Cone Chair Series K

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Furniture

Year: 1958/60

With the expression SERIES K – K for Kraemmerhusstole – Verner Panton meant several different pieces of furniture, partially with suitable (bar) stools and tables which were based – more or less – on the same construction. With the so-called CONE CHAIR a conical metal bowl with the tip stood on a metal foot. Latter attained his stability by a cross construction and remained with all stability at the same time filigree. In contrast the tables stood not on a St. Andrew’s Cross or sloping cross (four arms) like the chairs and stools, but on a fork cross (three arms). With this kind of the creation Verner Panton played with forms and materials. At the same time he also to turned their physics topsy-turvy. A cone which is balanced with its tip on a plane surface and even though is so stable to safely carry the weight of a person – this was absolutely new in the end of the 50s / beginning of the 60s, almost foolhardy and in any case provoking. Thus the Cone Chair K1 and Cone Table, Verner Panton had created for the Kom-Igen Inn, caused big sensation. First the Danish company Plus-linje produced the Cone Chair K1 (Cone Chair) not to forget Cone Chair K2 (Wire Cone Chair), Cone Chair K3 (Heart Cone Chair), Cone Chair K4 and – not to be forgotten – the Cone Table. This product line was equipped with round, later rectangular runners in white. Starting 1967 the Gebrüder Nehl got the production licences and shifted to black runners. In the meantime, the SERIES K, except of the Cone Chair K4, is produced by vitra under the terms enclosed in brackets. All are equipped with a sloping cross and are mounted again on white runners.

Material: metal, plastic foam, wool in different colours
Manufacturer: Plus-linje, Denmark (till 1966), Gebrüder Nehl, Germany (starting 1967), VITRA (till today)