Wire Shelf

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Furniture

Year: 1971

Module furniture which seem to adapt in every situation were the strength of Verner Panton. The WIRE SHELF from the Pantonova family embodies the philosophy of the Danish designer like no second one. Formed from single ashlars with a side length of 34.5 mm it can be adapted and used many-sided. Hi-fi cupboard, table, book shelf or space divisor – there are no borders for the ideas. Parallelly to each other arranged, 5 mm-thick wire ropes are bent to a cube which is open to bothe sides. Montana, the current manufacturer, offers each of these elements with the name Panton Wire Box. Through clips the single elements can be linked to each other. Glass grounds and fittings for wall fixing multiplicate the application possibilities of the WIRE SHELF. As suitable standing light there is the Wire Lamp available.

Material: Steel wire

Manufacturer: Montana, Denmark