Radisson SAS Media Harbor Hotel Duesseldorf

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in room design with Verner Panton

Year: 2005

A boutique hotel in the heart of Duesseldorf’s harbour, this is the Radisson SAS Media Harbor Hotel Duesseldorf. Settled in the so-called media harbour, the 135-room and 3 suites house was finished in 2005. Planned by the Dusseldorf company APG Grimbacher Architects, Matteo Thun from Milan with was instructed with the interior design. “An interior design which reflects the unbeat spirit of the place”, in it the ineror designers see the essence of their work. Among the rest, besides, they attached a Fun Metal pendulum light in every room. The chandelier, made from aluminium discs, was hung in the middle of the window. There he establishes a glamorous but still discreet presence. With all usefulness the successful creation reflects the exciting ambience in the media harbour area: modern architecture and historical scenery.

The transformation of a part of the old Rhine harbour is the probably most important town planning project to position the German fashion capital hroughout Europe. Differently to other towns no area redevelopment is pursued here. Property for property is treated individually and is adapted to his future user. In other words: Instead of squeezing the area into a uniform architectural corset, the varied architectur makes her creative contribution to the unique general view.

And she offers a contemporary mixture. Among the rest, Steven Holl, David Chipperfield, Frank O. Gehry, Joe Coenen, Fuminiko Maki, Will Alsop and Claude Vasconi have immortalised themselves here. Where companies like Fritz Hansen and Thonet, both, by the way, companions of Verner Panton, maintain showrooms, the Danish designer is in best company.





2003 – 2005


APG Grimbacher Architekten


Matteo THUN