Visiona 0

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Rooms

Visiona 0, Verner Panton 1968. Imm Cologne. Cologne furniture a fair. Bayer Leverkusen. Drahlon - Ship.

Year: 1968

End of the 60s Verner Panton formed the exhibition on the so-called Drahlon ship for the chemistry company Bayer AG on occasion of the Cologne furniture fair. Untill the middle of the 70s Bayer rented a Rhine steamboat and allowed to furnish it by contemporary designers. It was basically about advertisement for residential textiles of plastics like Drahlon. Besides, the designer Verner Panton limited himself not only to the textile area. Rather he incorporated all creation elements, that meant also pieces of furniture and lights, their state and their arrangement. Silver sparkling Fun Metal 1DA-lights he deeply hung in a golden-shining space. Briefly abov the ground floating Topan lights placed Verner Panton between the seat balls which seemed to be scattered by chance in the space. The Dane combined perfectly circular carpets with mouth, or ocular motives, hand impression or footprint with Fowerpots, mounted directly under the cover and hung in different heights. Besides, a harmonious and homogeneous whole was originated – experimental residential sceneries with psychedelic character. On Panton’s suggestion the Drahlon ship was renamed in VISIONA 0. The Visiona 2, in 1970, became the Sowroom of Panton as well.