Panto Glide

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Special

Panto-Glide the first felt pad for the Panton Chair.

Panto-Glide felt pads are specially designed for plastic cantilever chairs as the Panton Chair. Panto-Glide consists of two parts. Coated with a self-adhesive film it can be mounted directly without additional tools under the runner to the Panton Chair base.In this way, Panto-Glide felt pads not only protect the underground, but at the same time optimize the subjective seating comfort of the vitra Panton Chair.


Conserve floor space

A fitting floor glider enhances the functionality of a piece of furniture and fits ideally harmoniously with its unique design. These features combine to a plastic cantilever chair as the Panton Chair of designer Verner Panton – a major challenge, Panto-Glide felt pads fulfill for the first time.


Pleasant soundscape

In the private sector, but especially in object areas ready with open space situations and hard floors soundproofing is a big issue. Here Panto-Glide deafen sliding noise – thank’s to its sound insulation properties. Even the perceived feel of the plastic cantilever chair is positively affected. With Panto-Glide also little floor unevenness is leveled.


Made in Germany

So simple the idea behind Panto-Glide, so awesome the felt pads prove in use. This potential realized the Essen based design agency TAGWERC. As an internationally renowned dealer for Verner Panton design objects Panto-Glide is distributed by TAGWERC. Panto-Glide is manufactured in Germany.


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