Lsd for Lunch

Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Special

Spiegel canteen in Hamburg, LSD for Lunch.

Canteens in the test media: Everything so beautifully colorful here – Harald Fidler intervened in any case, the visually legendary Spiegel canteen.

It was not the first time, but now it’s urgent to write about it: even stand the two great pie corners, the spy of the Ericusspitze, albeit after first appearances with quite dinky windows.


Psychedelic break room

This means that the legendary Spiegel canteen of Verner Panton from 1969, will not last long at the bottom of the first Spiegel building (see Spiegel Editorial Staff House) in Hamburg. Though my dining companions in the psychedelic break room suspect, that the funky interior moves into the supposedly three-story galley in the new Hafencity. Children, no longer we come together that originally colorful, I can tell already.

Like this must feel LSD at lunch, at least visually. At the risk that a rudimentary color confused reports of variegation: Three rooms with wild pyramid ceiling, in orange, red and purple, and just such walls and then also a knobbly coffee bar, which brings together these warm tints and shuffle a few more at that. The espresso appears as anywhere else, although it is brewed properly, and that is for sure.


See stars

My informant tells me: Alfred Freeman cooks here, formerly star chef, after all, today, according to the tasting of ichweißnichtwem the second best canteen in Germany, after an officers’ mess. This course sets the bar high. I could also choose à la carte, but it will take, and yes, I will eat like a small Spiegel editor. Well, “Spiegel” editors are always great, of course. Thus we say: Like a Spiegel Documentarian Trainee. Or a “Spiegel TV” travel magazine programming intern craft. Anyway, I digress.


Greek Refusal

Thai noodles with shrimp and chicken, vegetables, coconut curry sauce with 2,900 kilojoules? After all, fish and meat. Fried feta cheese on spinach leaves with tzatziki and pita bread with 2,400 kilojoules? So that I could represent the vegetarians worthy. But Greek food is even farer for me than Far Eastern, one of my countless prejudices, I suppose. And again meatless Friday’s: fried potatoes with spicy avocado dip and raw vegetable salads also has 2400 kilojoules? Operates under lunch salad, but looks huge.


Blue Star Brandstwiete

Why do I not stay until the evening in the colourful insanity? Since there was beef roulade with red wine sauce, accompanied by a nice note: “* At the preparation alcohol is used.” Mr. Freeman apparently does not want to face any complaints of (consistently large, thus threatening) Spiegel editors, who missed a secret act in the final production because of the red wine sauce. Friday night dinner in the cafeteria? Yes, we are working for a Monday Magazine! So, we, well: I eat at a Monday Magazine, the others probably work here.

Alcoholism and journalism are often mentioned in the same breath – at the Spiegel is not until Friday evening hazardous sauces: Pina colada cream, the dessert for the Thai curry with another 800 kilojoules, contributes also to warning star. Blue Star Brandstwiete, sort of. We take the dessert grapes, unfermented, thank you, yes we even have to work.


Here is served

What have you chosen at the two touch screens? Exactly: The mostly containing proteins, so pasta with shrimp and chicken. For the slightly withered-looking surface of the two pieces of chicken I would have given no stars, but definitely including juicy inside. The shrimp I am able to shell relatively safe from the spit, thank’s to the colourful atmosphere, as long as I pull in any other direction than my white shirt. I also do not sully the Spiegel staff, no. Let’s make it short: no revelation, but hardly okay. Respect, not in every canteen taken for granted.

Well, in Mr. Brugger’s from me at least not overestimated XO it is possible to eat a bit more original Asian fast food. But: In the Spiegel Hut is served with incomparable charm, nice for a cafeteria. But 2: Here one is forced – with real relaxing seriousness – to switch off the mobile phone, a really reasonable lunch break tradition, maybe not for Spiegel Online, but definitely healthy. Respect! But 3: Verner Panton optic incomparable. But 4: Scarce five Euros, just supported, and only for Spiegel employees and their guests are still significantly cheaper than many comparable. Mr. Mueller of Blumencron, Mr. Mascolo, Mr. Ditz, you’ll probably still need a dabbler? I say, I also do not want to go to Hamburg this time either.