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20 Years German Reunification, 20 Years DDR Design, 20 Years East West Design, verner Panton

Taste does not know bounderies


The German reunification will mark this day for the 20th time. Opportunity for us to deal even with the recent furniture and interior design trends from the East and West. While long-barreled believes that the East in terms of design always drew the short straw, the documents appear in the seventies on both sides surprisingly congruent.

Plastic or plaste, such as the East called it, experienced a boom, finding their way in each room on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Real cult furniture the designers created at that time, which are also sold like hot cakes today. In West-Germany for example the design of the panton chair by Danish designer Verner Panton was a milestone in the furnishing history. And in the socialist living rooms, a plastic furniture was iconic as well. The originally intended for use in the garden created Garden Egg chair by Peter Chyczy advance to the position of a favorite object.

Round shapes, geometric patterns and bright colours dominated the interior design in the 70s. This decade the Germans today describe as the best decade of the land; perhaps the design aspect, at least subliminally, played a role. The chunky living room wall unit and the wildly patterned wallpaper was just as parts of East and West habitats such as the shag in front of the couch.

The fact that this look in the eastern sphere lingered more permanently, was probably primarily the cause of the foreseeable range of goods and less a lack of zeitgeist. Trendsetters have been on both sides of the border and also the taste of the Germans was at any time created quite the same. What puts the supposedly still so big differences of our present – at least for the interior design taste – on the test bench. Because the feeling of living in East and West have always been united, a fact that continues until today in the German residential scenery.

And, nevertheless, on it can be built up hopefully in future. When it comes to interior design in any case it can be a great goal to combat prejudice on both sides. This should also be a cause for celebration!

Source: German Wallpaper Institute (Deutsches Tapeten Institut)