Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Textiles

Year: 1960

GEOMETRI, the best known textile draught of Verner Panton, exists of a pattern which consists of circles and squares. The design is visualised by two colour combinations: black / white and red / orange. In the same year in which Verner Panton sketched the pattern GEOMETRI, he lined out two objects with it. He formed the showroom for the textile company Unika Vaev in New York / USA completely in black-and-white. GEOMETRI I to IV in red-orange dominated the ambitious interior design in the Hotel Restaurant Astoria in Trondheim / Norway. Besides, the Dane wrapped grounds, covers and walls completely in this pattern dress. Geometrical forms, brought on residential textiles, were a big subject in the 60s. While Verner Panton sketched GEOMETRI already in 1960, the general public discovered this form of decoration not until middle or end of the 60s. This makes it clear what Verner Panton was: a mentor and pioneer of the big epoch of the pop art. Till today there is GEOMETRI as a carpet, covering and curtain material which are produced by different companies.


Material: handtufted pure wool in black / white

Manufacturer: DESIGNER CARPETS, Germany


Material: 59% of cotton and 23% of polyester in black / white

Manufacturer: Maharam, USA


Material: 59% of viskose, 31% of polyester and 10% of linen in white

Manufacturer: Maharam, USA


Material: 59% of cotton and 23% of polyester in black / white

Manufacturer: VITRA, Switzerland