Author: Bianca KILLMANN Posted in Textiles

Rug, Carpet VP IV, VP 4 from Designercarpets, Design 1960 by Verner Panton.

Year: 1960

The VP IV from Designercarpets embodies a variation of the geometri pattern, the probably best known textile draught of Designer Verner Panton. The carpet exists of a pattern which consists of circles and rhombs. In the internal square black and white triangles form again four small squares. The full-of-form and discreet-in-colour carpet can be placed either in the background, or as a highlight. Beside of the three standard sizes (210 x 210, 240 x 240 and 300 x 300 cm), VP IV of Designercarpets is available in individual sizing.


handknotted new pure wool


Designercarpets, Germany