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Carpet, Rug, VP VIII, VP 8, Designercarpets, 1968 Verner Panton

Year: 1968

1968 – for those who were there, a mythical year. It embodies the time of radical changes and new beginnings. This experimental mood is reflected in the VP VIII by Verner Panton. In the colour rainbow it acts as a colour study of his master. Whether round, rectangular or square shape – starting from the center, the colour circles change from the inside to the outside from warm yellow to fresh green. Those who wish less colour, choose the VP VIII, handknotted of black and natural white pure new wool in the colour combinations black circles on white backround or white circles on black back. Designercarpets manufactures the handmade carpets in its own factory in Nepal.


handknotted new pure wool


Designercarpets, Germany